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Custom Trailers

Trailer Buying Guide

Trailers are Trailers - Not so ! There are those with good builds, and those with bad builds.  Trayla Trailers have created this guide to help you in your buying process to help you determine the best match for your needs.

To print this guide to take with you when viewing prospective trailers, please click here.  This will open up in a new window. You must have Adobe Reader or a PDF reader installed to view the guide.  For your free download, please click here.


1. Homemade or Professionally made ?

A professionally made trailer will save you money in the long run. Compare a homemade trailer and one of a professional standard and quality. A professionally built trailer will ensure durability and safety. You don't want your load coming off during a trip along the highway

2. Painted or Galvanised ?

The difference between painted and galvanised goes beyond it's asthetic appearance.  While galvanising is more expensive, it is also more durable adding to the life of your trailer.  Galvanising covers all the steel frame work externally, and all open or hollow section steel internally.

3. Chassis:  How is the frame constructed and what materials are used ?

Probably the most important factor is how the frame structure is made and with what.  Generally RHS (Round Hollow Section) is used in the frame design.  If the chassis is not strong then the trailer won't last.  

Important Questions:

  • How many crossmembers are under the floor ?
  • How far apart ?

Remember your intended load is sitting on these ! Keep this in mind when you're selecting a trailer, the larger the load the more important this fact becomes.

4. Springs

Are the springs genuine trailer components ? When inspecting a trailer, ask about the carry capacity of the springs.

5. Drawbar

This is an important factor.  The draw bar must be strong enough to support the intended load. If the drawbar is too short then it can make it difficult to back. Additionally a longer drawbar allows longer loads to be carried.

Important Questions:

  • What is the drawbar made of ?
  • How thick is the steel ?
  • How long is the drawbar ?

6. Height of Sides

Standard sides of a trailer are generally 300mm.  Higher sides allow for slightly higher loads.

7. Tie Points

What have you got to tie your load to ? Some trailers have rope hooks, some have tierails.  Trayler Trailers have both!

8. Wheels

What size wheels are fitted ? Generally 13" wheels on smaller trailers and 14" wheels on larger trailers.

9. Lights

Are the lights mounted in the correct place ? Are they protected from being damaged everytime you reverse ?  Our Trayla Trailers are mounted above the level of the floor on the end of our panels to protect them from damage. A simple innovation to prevent unnecessary expenditure in replacing your lights.

10. Deck Sizes

Is the internal size as advertised ?  Some are not. Make sure the measurements suit your requirements.

Eg. 6 Foot Long - 1840mm 4ft Wide - 1230mm

7 Foot Long - 2140mm 4ft 6" Wide - 1370mm

8 Foot Long - 2450mm 5ft Wide - 1520mm

11. Gates

Do the trailer front and rear gates fold down ? A good trailer allows both the front and rear gates to fold down for easy access when loading and unloading.
Our Trayla Trailers allows the front gate to sit on the drawbar level with the deck. The rear gate locks out level with the deck.  This gives over 300mm extra deck length at each end.

12. Spare Wheel

Is it included in the price of the trailer or is it extra ? Trayla Trailers offers a free mounted spare wheel.  Where is the spare wheel mounted ?  Trayla Trailers spare is located at the rear underside of the trailer.