Trayla Trailers have four different types of Tipping Trailers:

Gravity Tipping Trailer

  • Gravity tipping is for single axle Traylas only.
  • This is a simple cost effective form of tipping for loading/unloading motorbikes, lawnmowers, machinery etc.
  • The drawbar pivots near centre of the Trayla, allowing for fingertip raising and lowering of the deck.

Please note:
Items being loaded must have sufficient weight forward of centre to ensure tipping operates. You may require a Trayla longer than the machine you are intending to carry to ensure you pass over centre for tipping back down.

gravity tipping trailer
gravity tipper trailer levin

Winch Tipping Trailer

  • Available in single and tandem axle Traylas.
  • Winch tipping offers an ideal way to have tipping that is capable of tipping items off the deck.
  • This winch system is completely removable from the Trayla when not required. To remove, simply undo the dee shackle on the end of the wire rope connected to the Trayla and lift the winch/pole assembly out of its socket on the drawbar.
  • Approximately 50 turns of the handle lift the deck to maximum height.
  • The heavy duty 10:1 ratio winch, which has a clutch in it for safety, is ideal for domestic and commercial applications.
winch tipping trailer north island
winch trailer north island
winch trailer levin

Manual Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

  • Available in tandem axle Traylas only.
  • Manual hydraulic tipping has a hand operated hydraulic pump which allows easy raising and lowering of the Trayla deck for all applications.
  • Approximately 55 pumps of the handle lifts the deck to maximum height.
  • Trayla Trailers fit a low displacement pump for ease of pumping. Simply turn the release tap to lower.
  • A heavy duty Trayla made to handle the load being pushed off by the ram underneath the Trayla body.
  • The tipping unit is permanently fixed to the Trayla and cannot be removed like the winch tipper.
manual hydraulic tipping trailer
hydraulic tipper trailer new zealand

Electric Hydraulic Tipping Trailer

  • Available in tandem axle Traylas only.
  • Electric hydraulic tipping is the King of Tippers. The ultimate way to raise and lower the trailer deck with no physical effort required.
  • A mounted battery on the Trayla operates the electric hydraulic pump by a simple push of a button to raise and lower the deck.
  • The handheld removable control box is on a long lead allowing you to walk around the Trayla while tipping.
  • The tipping unit is permanently mounted on the drawbar with a cover box over the battery and pump for protection.
  • This also allows easy access to the battery for charging by vehicle, battery charger, or solar panel charger (most popular). The front gate of the Trayla drops down over the pump cover.
Electric Hydraulic Tipping Trailer
electric tipping trailer nz
electric tipper trailer levin

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